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If you have been spending hours, months, or even years building your physique, you must know how to show the outcome of your hard work. Whether you're willing to step on a bodybuilding show, photoshoot, or simply pose in front of your friends at the gym or in front of the mirror, you should know how to display your body properly. And I can teach you how to pose as your best advantage. I will pick your strength and hide your weakness to create an illusion of a greater physique. But also I will teach you how to be your own judge. I will make sure you understand all the pros and cons when posing and what the judges are really looking for to see. I offer posing classes to amateurs and professional athletes in person one to one or in groups in central London and online via WhatsApp.

I understand that each individual has a different physique and personality.As an ex-ballerina, I have the facility of picking the wrong foot, arms and hands positions. I can teach you how to correct your posture, your foot, and arms placement, to work on your flexibility, and how to use your main joints in order to achieve the harmony, overall balance, and grace of your body. The beauty of life is about improving ourselves in any path we choose to follow and this is also the beauty of bodybuilding. So whether you are an amateur or an experienced professional you will always have space for improvement.

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What will you learn?

Your progress will only depend on how much work you will put into your homework (which I will give you at the end of each class) and on how many classes you are keen to take part in. Most of my students do classes for at least 6 months, especially if they are new to this sport.

In my classes, you will have the ability to:

Learn how to walk with confidence, class, and elegance on stage.

Learn quickly to analyze and criticize your own poses.

Learn the mandatory poses for bikini, wellness, man’s physique, figure/fitness, and bodybuilding.

Learn the view and expectations of the judging panel, angles, tricks, and tips.

Learn how to get in the right tune with your body by executing some exercises that I will provide you.

Learn all this and much more with lots of fun because I love to make jokes about our own mistakes!!

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The power of self love through health & fitness.

Classes and Packages


1 class of 50min one-to-one

Only available for students that have had classes with me before or PRO athletes In-person or online via WhatsApp

50 min
1 Class



1 class of 35min one-to-one

Only available for students that have had classes with me before or PRO athletes In-person or online via WhatsApp

1 class



4 classes of 50min one-to-one

Available for everyone. In-person or online via WhatsApp Whatsapp group membership

50 min
4 classes


4 classes of 35min one-to-one

Available for everyone. In-person or online via WhatsApp Whatsapp group membership

35 min
4 classes


1-hour In-person Group Class

Available for everyone In-person only

1 hour


Up to 3 students

Up to 6 students

Up to 10 students

( contact me for more info if you are interested in doing 2 hours plus)

Intensive posing course

(Recommended for beginners)

● Unlimited videos assessment

● Unlimited text message

● Available for everyone

● Coaches are welcome

● In-person or online via WhatsApp

45 min per week
2 classes per week


Expert Coach


Lu Del Giudice


Lu has been in the bodybuilding competition scene since 2013 and became the first Brazilian “Bikini British Champion” back in 2014. She has taught posing classes for over 500 girls around the world since then (2014)

Lu is an extreme sports person. Inspired by a background of 15 years in dancing, she is a qualified ballerina from the Royal Academy of Dancing London where she started practicing classic ballet at the age of 5. She is also a qualified Personal Trainer and has a big passion for surfing, a sport she practices for over 20 years.

A severe knee injury caused by a bicycle accident in 2018 forced her to re-learn how to walk again and to acquire even more knowledge and experience regarding body mechanics, alignment, posture correction and the proper usage of body limbs. She, in fact, earned her IFBB professional athlete card only one year after the tragic accident and hearing from the doctors she would possibly have to stop bodybuilding.

But Lu's real passion is to be able to help others achieve their max potential and obtain success.




“ The best posing coach ever! Straightforward and always here to guide and help you.- either as a teacher or a friend. That is the only way to understand not only the basics, but every detail so you can polish your routine! Definitely suggest if you are looking for good (and actually maybe only one) posing coach in UK! ”

Rumyana Todorova

“ Lu is incredible. Her attention to detail is world class and she has such a great way of explaining and demonstrating. I've seen many posing coaches but will always use Lu from now on. She even flew out to Alicante last minute and helped me back stage to ensure my pro debut was a success. ”

Lydia Maurer

“ Ahhhh Lu - what can I say - she's a Stage Saver! For months, I was searching on Social Medias for posing coaches but could not decide on any until one of my fav PRO bikini athletes posted about this amazing Lu I read about her and followed her stories. She's funny, speaks her mind, has tons of experience, a PRO athlete herself as well as judging exposure.From the 1st online session, she'd already made my backpose 1000 better - I couldn't believe it when she sent me the before & after screenshots, that this could be achieve "just" with posing. I was 2 months away from my competition when I started my lessons and in such little time Lu did miracles with my posing. She doesn't just tell or show you what to do, she analyses your body so you can put your best assets forward. She's got tons of tips & tricks, she's very straight forward and honest in her feedback.no bull**** I like this type of personality because when she gives a compliment you know you're on the right path! I truly believe that it's thanks to the few lessons I took with Lu that I won 3rd place (Pro Bikini Masters) on the Natural Bodybuilding World Stage in Las Vegas in 2021. I had never been so confident being on stage! I will take more lessons for ”

Lydia Maurer

“ Lu is simply the best! I have been to several posing coaches before but none of them have even come close to the detail Lu gives in her classes. She makes sure every aspect of posing and your stage look is covered and everything is individual for you and your personality and physique. Not a single thing is missed or overlooked! On top of this she is super humorous, passionate and breaks every thing down so it is made super easy. I cannot recommend her more!! If you want to be the best, go to the best! ”

Rosy Bikini

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Have any queries regarding classes, packages, or anything else? Feel free to contact us. Let me help you boost your confidence with my tactics.

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